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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Mold Remediation in Southlake

Did you know mold infestation in your home can worsen the conditions of people with pre-existing respiratory problems and allergies? On top of allergies and respiratory issues, mold is known to cause skin irritation, itchy eyes, and damage to furniture and walls. Experts advise that mold cleanup should be done regularly especially in areas prone to water damage and high levels of humidity because mold thrives and spreads quickly in damp conditions. Growth of mold cannot be completely mitigated however getting the services of mold remediation experts can help you reduce the chances of infestation.

If you are wondering where to find mold remediation services in Southlake, you can call Hippo Carpet Cleaning Southlake for the best and most affordable mold remediation services.


What makes us special?

Our experts clearly understand that mold infestation effects should not be underrated because they cause serious health issues and irreparable damage to your furniture and upholstery if not mitigated fast enough. Dealing with mold is not easy especially when left unattended for long, however, our experts are well-equipped to ensure it is properly cleaned, restored and stringent measures implemented to avoid re-infestation as soon as the mold cleanup process is complete.

Other things that make us the best mold remediation business include:

  • Free onsite estimate
  • We are a certified local cleaning, mold remediation, and damage restoration business
  • We use environmentally friendly antimicrobial chemicals to ensure your home is left clean and safe
  • We offer support and advice on mold mitigation
  • Affordable mold remediation cost
  • We do commercial and residential mold remediation
  • Available on call anytime any day

Mold remediation process

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Southlake boasts of a safe mold remediation process that not only focuses on removing existing mold but implements measures to avoid future infestation.

Learn more about our mold remediation process below:

  • The first step of our mold remediation process is to stop the mold from spreading to uninfected areas of your property by sealing the target area.
  • The next course of action gets more complicated because it involves using high-tech equipment to get rid of any spores that may be floating on air or resting on the surfaces by using HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers. Air filtration is also done to avoid the mold spores from spreading through ventilation to other uninfected areas.
  • After the initial mitigation measures are put in place, the professionals now target the mold colonies to completely remove and kill the mold on walls and infected upholstery and furniture. This is achieved by using environmentally friendly industrial-grade antimicrobial chemicals to ensure the surfaces are left clean and safe for humans and pets. During this stage, porous materials such as baseboard and drywall insulation infected beyond repair are discarded and replaced.
  • When all the mold removal is complete, what follows is to ensure the property is odor-free and bacteria-free. During this stage, our professionals carry out sanitization and deodorizing procedures using green agents leaving your homes fresh and safe.
  • All upholstered fabrics, furniture, and walls that were not otherwise affected by the mold are also sanitized, deodorized, and dehumidified to ensure all the conditions that are favorable to mold growth are properly mitigated.


Contact us now!

We have recently joined with FDP Mold Remediation as our partner to provide mold remediation services over a wider area. This partnership allows us to extend our reach and improve our availability for all of our customers in the area.

Protect your loved ones from respiratory illness and your property from damage by contacting us for the best and most affordable mold remediation services in Southlake.

We are always here waiting to help you deal with your mold problem, do not hesitate to call us as soon as you notice any signs of mold in your property.

Call us now and schedule an appointment with our mold cleanup experts any day.



How much is mold cleanup?

Mold cleanup cost varies depending on the affected areas and the extent of damage caused by the mold. Call us now for an estimate.

How do experts remove mold?

Experts use foolproof mold remediation processes designed to completely remove and contain the mold to prevent it from spreading to uninfected areas during the process. The process uses specialized equipment for complete mold eradication and the use of certified eco-friendly solutions to leave your home safe and clean.

Can I remove black mold myself?

No. Mold removal requires special equipment such as HEPA vacuums and air filters to remove spores resting on surfaces and air to avoid its spread to uninfected areas. Mold removal also requires proper precautionary measures to avoid inhaling the mold spores during cleaning which has health implications.

What kills mold forever?

Depending on the cause of the mold, a professional mold remediation business uses different methods to ensure your mold problem is a thing of the past. To get to the root of mold, special equipment is required to detect any traces which can lead to re-infestation after the cleanup.

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Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 469-802-2988
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