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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Mold Testing Services in Southlake, Texas

Mold growth within our homes or offices can cause serious health risks. Mold can cause wheezing, running nose, fever, and skin and eye irritation when it grows to unmanageable levels. Mold growth thrives in areas with high humidity and can look like slimy spots on your walls, ceiling, or upholstery.

In some instances, these signs may not be visible but you may be having an underlying mold infestation. To ensure you are free from mold growth you will need to get the services of a professional mold testing company.


Inspection and Testing Services

Our mold testing services involve an all-around inspection of your home aimed at identifying the causes of mold infestation. The testing process also involves the usage of high-end moisture detection equipment, thermographic inspections, and special equipment to collect air and surface samples for analysis. It focuses on collecting data on indoor mold, type, and concentration of its spores in the air and surfaces.

The whole mold testing process involves:

  • Understanding the scope to be tested by getting information of prior infestation of mold and water damage or floods
  • Digital photography from the visual inspection of mold growth
  • Collection of data of the surrounding environment such as temperature, carbon dioxide levels, and moisture levels
  • Assessment of the property structure to determine its toughness in case of water damage
  • The assessment of filtration and temperature regulation systems

After the mold testing process and the samples have been thoroughly examined in the mold testing laboratory, we will furnish our customer with a report containing the findings, pictorial evidence, and recommendation. Some of the main things highlighted in our comprehensive report include:

  • Moisture source identification that can be the cause of mold growth
  • The interpretation of findings of the lab sample results collected
  • Recommendation of the best approach to mold remediation if the tested levels are harmful

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Why Professional Mold Testing

Mold testing requires special equipment to determine the severity of any mold infestation. A professional mold testing service involves inspection, humidity levels testing, air quality sampling as well as surface sampling. These are all aimed at establishing the causes of mold, how to deal with the mold problem as well as providing recommendations on the next step of action. Professional mold testers help reduce unnecessary costs of mold remediation by giving the exact status of mold infestation in your property making it easier for decision making on when to call in mold remediation experts.

Where to Find Professional Mold Testers in Southlake, Texas

If you are around Southlake, Texas, and its environs, Hippo Carpet Cleaning Southlake is a renowned mold testing business offering comprehensive mold testing services at affordable rates. We have chosen O2 Mold Testing as our partner, to provide the best service possible for our customers needing mold testing services. This partnership allows us to extend our services to more customers, with prompt response times and greater availability.

We are a certified mold testing and inspection service that has employed out-of-the-box mold testing solutions to provide comprehensive reports on mold infestation in countless residential and commercial properties. Our team is made up of experienced mold testing experts that have perfected the art of mold testing using the mold test meter and specialized equipment to collect samples, inspect for mold growth, and provide extensive reports on the findings.

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Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 469-802-2988
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